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This show hasn’t been — and won’t be — updated since 2014; please be advised this is only main­tained for archive purpose.

Interview With Vanessa Simpkins On Women’s Empowerment, Sexual Emotions, Addictive Relationships


In this episode, I’ll be inter­viewing Vanessa Simp­kins - an entre­pre­neur, holistic coach, and author. She’ll be sharing her story of personal empow­er­ment and how this relates for women (men too!) to become empow­ered in their rela­tion­ship. It may seem a little off topic, but stick with it and you’ll see the connec­tion to an empow­ered sex life as we explore levels of emotions, addic­tive rela­tion­ships and what to do about them.

You can find out more about my guest at her website.


Interviewed For Women On When To Have Sex, Body Insecurity, Sex Filters, Shame

In this special inter­view, Sandra Fidelis of Ivy League Love Academy inter­views me for her private women’s group. This is directed towards a conscious and open minded group of women, however I was able to convince her to let me share this inter­view on this show for free.

We were having a bit of tech­nical diffi­culty with my audio, so please under­stand my voice may sound a bit distant. That being said, the content was too valu­able to throw away.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • About my story and how he got started
  • When you should have sex with a man for the first time
  • What’s at the core of body image inse­cu­rity and what to do about it
  • What men want instead
  • My 7 Filters of Sexu­ality
  • Over­coming shame around sex
  • More insights for women



Ronnie Landis Health And Peak Sexual Performance Part 2


Ronnie Landis is back this week for part 2! In this episode, Ronnie answers the follow ques­tions in-depth:

1. What specific routines, exer­cises or supple­ments, help put some­body into peak sexual perfor­mance? What prac­tices do you put into place?

2. What nutri­ents play a part in semen/vaginal lubri­ca­tion, how to supple­ment to replenish?

3. What is your take on peak perfor­mance on an ener­getic level?

4. How do hormones play a part in improving arousal and libido, specif­i­cally, ways to increase free testos­terone natu­rally?

5. Can you talk about the “3 trea­sures” in respect to sexual longevity and perfor­mance?

6. What are the common mistakes people make when it comes to sexual virility and nutri­tion?

Learn more about Ronnie at his website.


Ronnie Landis Health And Peak Sexual Performance Part 1


This week we have Ronnie Landis on the show, for part one of a two-part series on peak sexual perfor­mance. We’ll be talking about hormones, sex, super herbs, libido supple­ments, and a whole lot of amazing stuff you’ve likely never heard anywhere else.

Ronnie Landis is one of the leading author­i­ties of the new gener­a­tion on raw living foods and super foods, tonic herbalism, blender alchemy, peak perfor­mance strate­gies, and func­tional nutri­tion. He is an author, profes­sional speaker, and life style design specialist who conducts live presen­ta­tions, work­shops, raw choco­late parties, private consul­ta­tions, and retreats regu­larly. He is the author of the upcoming 2014 released books The Hidden Messages in Choco­late and Eating for Sex. In 2010 he released his first published work Acti­vating the Super Human, a 100 page manual for enhancing life prin­ci­ples as well as his 2012 released work The Live-it Lifestyle: Drop­ping Diets Forever. Both books have been refined, compiled, and expanded upon in January 2014 released The Life Food Peak Perfor­mance System.


Artificial Constraints, Sex Limitations, And Bondage

892509_10151306883852101_354811766_oThis episode of Dirty Talk, Shana and I talk about arti­fi­cial constraints and how they can be used to spice up your sex life. We dive into placing limi­ta­tions on sex on purpose and how that can benefit your sex life (counter-intu­itively). And finally, we talk about actual bondage – how phys­ical limi­ta­tions can be super sexy.

Be sure to listen to this podcast now, as the insights we both share are going to add a new spin on your bedroom (or as we share, any place BUT the bedroom) fun.


Shana Interviews Drew On How To Talk Dirty And Divine

892509_10151306883852101_354811766_oThis episode of Dirty Talk, Shana inter­views me for the goods on dirty talk. In this show I share not only prac­tical tips you can use now, but the bigger picture of things you might not see when it comes to talking erotic.

I share my best tips on dirty talk and you’ll even hear Shana start to share some of her dirty talk near the very end. A very steamy episode you won’t want to miss!