Conversation With Nicole Abundance

Nicole and I try this for a second time, enjoy­ing a tech­ni­cal issue-free show that came out great.

In this episode of Dirty Talk with Drew Gerald,  Nicole talks about her marriage and how it ended, her reflec­tion on the skills and ideas she has now compared to then, how getting back into the dating world was absolute hell, subcon­scious mind’s limit­ing beliefs, the “dating cycle and stages”, women in their mascu­line, women’s capac­ity to be femi­nine with bound­aries, the 2 major things at play with her man’s commit­ment, 2 major tech­niques for women to get back into their femi­nine, the words we use to describe having sex tell every­thing uncon­sciously, how to build each other up through plea­sure, and if women should give sex for commit­ment.

As mentioned in the show, you can find Nicole on Face­book here, and myself here.


Interview With Hot Rawks (Organic Libido Enhancer) Creator Julie Wilson

In this episode of Dirty Talk, I’m delighted to have my friend Julie Wilson on the show to talk about her story of over­com­ing Crohn’s disease the all natu­ral way, and how she came up with her organic, raw, all-natu­ral libido enhancer - Hot Rawks. Not only that, you get a personal sneak peak inside the mind and sexu­al­ity of this high-class rawk­star.

Julie shares with us how she decided to take her health into her own hands after being told her intesti­nes would need to be removed, how her jour­ney at 25 lead her to share what she’s learned to improve people’s sex life and health, the insider scoop on her market­ing approaches as a “lipstick hippie” on Play­boy radio “fuck­ing, suck­ing, and this and that”, holis­tic sex health, healthy creates horny, deal­ing with sexual guilt, curva­ceous results, emotional connec­tions with 50 Shades of Grey, whips & bondage, how Julie over came her hesi­ta­tions about a kinky sexual fantasy, and what makes semen taste deli­cious or repul­sive.

You can find out more about Julie and her prod­ucts at


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