Conversation With Nicole Abundance

Nicole and I try this for a second time, enjoy­ing a tech­ni­cal issue-free show that came out great.

In this episode of Dirty Talk with Drew Gerald,  Nicole talks about her marriage and how it ended, her reflec­tion on the skills and ideas she has now compared to then, how getting back into the dating world was absolute hell, subcon­scious mind’s limit­ing beliefs, the “dating cycle and stages”, women in their mascu­line, women’s capac­ity to be femi­nine with bound­aries, the 2 major things at play with her man’s commit­ment, 2 major tech­niques for women to get back into their femi­nine, the words we use to describe having sex tell every­thing uncon­sciously, how to build each other up through plea­sure, and if women should give sex for commit­ment.

As mentioned in the show, you can find Nicole on Face­book here, and myself here.