One Man’s Journey to Dirty Talk” Interview

This upcom­ing Tues­day, August 13th  at 5PM PST I will be inter­viewed live by Shana James. You may know her from last week’s episode, and next week I will be on her show. This is an exclu­sive, private live show that you must call in to listen. This will be an awesome talk for sure!

Here’s the number and your code to get in:

(513) 386‑0000

UPDATED: PIN code: 140717#

Interview With Shana James of Authentic Woman Experience

892509_10151306883852101_354811766_oThis episode of Dirty Talk, I inter­view and chat with Shana James of the Authen­tic Man Program & the Authen­tic Woman Expe­ri­ence and discuss all sorts of fun stuff. From fantasies and how they can be used for sexual expan­sion all the way to sex in space.

Topics include the right way to be vulner­a­ble, deal­ing with your crap so you can be fully present, and the power of taking your lover to her edge and just beyond it.

I hope you guys enjoyed listen­ing as much as we enjoyed talk­ing about it, and look forward to more chats with Shana!

Shana is hookup up you guys with a free e-course avail­able at:

For the women, you can learn more about Shana’s good­ness at: