Dirty Talk” is a show that discusses the aspects of sex and rela­tion­ships too taboo for main­stream rela­tion­ship advice shows, in a posi­tive, holis­tic, and raw way. Hosted by sex expert & coach, and published author of “Holis­tic Sex” and the forth­com­ing book “Become A Remark­able Lover”, he brings his author­ity and expe­ri­ence of becom­ing better lovers to listen­ers in a refresh­ingly candid and empow­er­ing way.

This approach is based on ideas presented in his course Holis­tic Sex.

Co-hosted talks and inter­views with lead­ing experts in sexu­al­ity, dating, rela­tion­ships, and adult enter­tain­ment, Dirty Talk offers advice and insight into a world few dare tread. Sexu­al­ity should be anything but dogmatic, so by bring­ing a wide range of ideas and views of sexu­al­ity — from slutty to spir­i­tual — your hosts present a multi­fac­eted story of sexual liber­a­tion where you can choose your own adven­ture.