One Man’s Journey to Dirty Talk” Interview

This upcom­ing Tues­day, August 13th  at 5PM PST I will be inter­viewed live by Shana James. You may know her from last week’s episode, and next week I will be on her show. This is an exclu­sive, private live show that you must call in to listen. This will be an awesome talk for sure!

Here’s the number and your code to get in:

(513) 386‑0000

UPDATED: PIN code: 140717#

Interview With Shana James of Authentic Woman Experience

892509_10151306883852101_354811766_oThis episode of Dirty Talk, I inter­view and chat with Shana James of the Authen­tic Man Program & the Authen­tic Woman Expe­ri­ence and discuss all sorts of fun stuff. From fantasies and how they can be used for sexual expan­sion all the way to sex in space.

Topics include the right way to be vulner­a­ble, deal­ing with your crap so you can be fully present, and the power of taking your lover to her edge and just beyond it.

I hope you guys enjoyed listen­ing as much as we enjoyed talk­ing about it, and look forward to more chats with Shana!

Shana is hookup up you guys with a free e-course avail­able at:

For the women, you can learn more about Shana’s good­ness at:


Indulging In Sexual Arousal

This episode's co-host, Nicole.

This episode’s co-host, Nicole.

Back from hiatus and with a new show format! Shorter episodes discussing vari­ous topics of sexu­al­ity with new co-hosts, occa­sional stan­dard guest inter­views will still be happen­ing as they arise.

This episode features cohost Nicole as we talk about indulging in arousal. Getting to a place where you enjoy feel­ing your lovers erotic hotness, wetness, or hard­ness and are okay to express your own with­out shame.


Show Hiatus

Hello all, I wanted to let you know what’s been going on and why there hasn’t been any recent updates. For one, I had a few guests cancel that were lined up and the new year just wasn’t time to find free time for most experts. I look to find more ways to create content for the show and may do solo podcasts soon.

Secondly, as you may or may not know, I’m currently writ­ing my first book about becom­ing a better lover. This requires a great deal of time and resources that I’m not able to invest in the show. I will do what I can, and I appre­ci­ate all your support and under­stand­ing.

If you have any sex related ques­tions, please submit them and I’ll be happy to answer them on the show!

Mia Interviews About Sex, Vulnerability, & Oneness [VIDEO]

In this episode, Mia of the Passion Muse inter­views me over Skype about some of my personal blog arti­cles such as The Mascu­line-Vluner­a­blity Para­dox and Dual­ity In Oneness – A Power­ful Conscious Para­dox — as well as the sex work that I’m doing. Be sure to visit if you’d prefer watch­ing the video instead of the podcast audio-only version.

You can visit Mia’s website:


2012 Holiday Break


The show will resume at the begin­ning of next year after a holi­day break with no new episodes. Be sure to enjoy as sexily as possi­ble, whether you were naughty or nice this year!

Eros, Dark Sex Mythology, and Kink with Galen

In this value-packed episode of Dirty Talk, I have conscious kinkster Galen (Daka Dom) on the show talk­ing about all sorts of dirty things. We discuss eros, sexual mythol­ogy, sexual awak­en­ings, explo­sion of truth before orgasm, descent into the soul, the outer and inner cham­bers, the shadow side of sexu­al­ity, masculin­ity, vulner­a­bil­ity and authen­tic­ity, trust and break­ing-open of the heart, and so much more!

This is a MUST-LISTEN show, full of some really power­ful conver­sa­tion between Galen and I.

You can find Galen online at