Interview With Vanessa Simpkins On Women’s Empowerment, Sexual Emotions, Addictive Relationships


In this episode, I’ll be inter­view­ing Vanessa Simp­kins - an entre­pre­neur, holis­tic coach, and author. She’ll be shar­ing her story of personal empow­er­ment and how this relates for women (men too!) to become empow­ered in their rela­tion­ship. It may seem a little off topic, but stick with it and you’ll see the connec­tion to an empow­ered sex life as we explore levels of emotions, addic­tive rela­tion­ships and what to do about them.

You can find out more about my guest at her website.


Shana Interviews On How To Talk Dirty And Divine

892509_10151306883852101_354811766_oThis episode of Dirty Talk, Shana inter­views me for the goods on dirty talk. In this show I share not only prac­ti­cal tips you can use now, but the bigger picture of things you might not see when it comes to talk­ing erotic.

I share my best tips on dirty talk and you’ll even hear Shana start to share some of her dirty talk near the very end. A very steamy episode you won’t want to miss!


Interview With Shana James of Authentic Woman Experience

892509_10151306883852101_354811766_oThis episode of Dirty Talk, I inter­view and chat with Shana James of the Authen­tic Man Program & the Authen­tic Woman Expe­ri­ence and discuss all sorts of fun stuff. From fantasies and how they can be used for sexual expan­sion all the way to sex in space.

Topics include the right way to be vulner­a­ble, deal­ing with your crap so you can be fully present, and the power of taking your lover to her edge and just beyond it.

I hope you guys enjoyed listen­ing as much as we enjoyed talk­ing about it, and look forward to more chats with Shana!

Shana is hookup up you guys with a free e-course avail­able at:

For the women, you can learn more about Shana’s good­ness at:


Mia Interviews About Sex, Vulnerability, & Oneness [VIDEO]

In this episode, Mia of the Passion Muse inter­views me over Skype about some of my personal blog arti­cles such as The Mascu­line-Vluner­a­blity Para­dox and Dual­ity In Oneness – A Power­ful Conscious Para­dox — as well as the sex work that I’m doing. Be sure to visit if you’d prefer watch­ing the video instead of the podcast audio-only version.

You can visit Mia’s website:


Porn, Measure B, The Adult Industry with Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals, PhD

Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals, PhD joins me on this episode of Dirty Talk where we discuss the adult indus­try, porn, the impli­ca­tions of Measure B pass­ing in LA, and all sorts of perspec­tives of a profes­sional porn reviewer and indus­try insider.

She is a soci­ol­o­gist special­iz­ing in gender, sexu­al­i­ties, work and orga­ni­za­tions, and media and popu­lar culture. Her research has been published in numer­ous schol­arly jour­nals includ­ing Sexu­al­i­tiesGender Work & Orga­ni­za­tionSt. Mary’s Law Review on Race and Social JusticeJour­nal of Contem­po­rary Ethnog­ra­phy, and Stan­ford Law and Policy Review. She has been quoted by numer­ous main­stream media outlets includ­ing CNN, Jeze­bel, and the Huff­in­g­ton­Post. She currently holds a Visit­ing Scholar posi­tion at the Univer­sity of South­ern Cali­for­nia (USC).

You can find her on Twit­ter @drchauntelle or


Interview With Secrets of Longevity’s Govan Kilgour

In this episode of Dirty Talk with Drew Gerald, I inter­view Govan Kilgour of “Secrets of Longevity” about the role of sex in living a longer, sexier, and health­ier life for both men and women.

Govan and I discuss semen reten­tion, herbs, and all sorts of crazy awesome longevity and health aspects of sex.

You can find Govan’s YouTube chan­nel here.


Interview With The Erotic Rockstar Destin Gerek

This episode of Dirty Talk with Drew Gerald features the Erotic Rock­star, Destin Gerek. Destin is a Cali­for­nia State Certi­fied Somatic Sexol­o­gist through the Insti­tute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexu­al­ity, an Erotic Empow­er­ment Coach, and an Erotic Performer and Artist for over a decade. As a close friend, I invited him on the show to talk about his story and share his solu­tions for the major prob­lem men and women have around their sex lives.

In this show, Destin intro­duces himself and his path of becom­ing an erotic rock­star, inte­grat­ing mind, body, and spirit, his dark period and early influ­ences, creat­ing a more sex-posi­tive culture, how he works with his clients, how one of his clients became a “babe magnet” that evoked women’s sexual desire, the major hangups of both men and women around sex, the discon­nect from our bodies, a power­ful tech­nique to become present, the magic of being curi­ous, sex in the shower, the pres­sures of women need­ing to be perfect, Drew’s “no cell­phone” rule, the most power­ful way to improve your sex life.

You can visit Destin at his website here.