1 In Noteworthy in iTunes

Dirty Talk is now #1 in iTunes for New & Note­wor­thy in Sexu­al­ity. Thank you!

Podcast Website Fully Completed

Alright, the website design has been finished all the content and links are fully work­ing. You can access the show on iTunes, find our Face­book page, subscribe via the RSS podcast feed, as well as “like us” – all from the social menu at the top of each page. Please be sure to spread the message and subscribe to the show and join us on Face­book now!

Podcast Submitted to iTunes

Dirty Talk is now avail­able on iTunes! Be sure you subscribe and give a fantas­tic rating if you like what you hear. You can search for “dirty talk” under podcasts, or browse to Health > Sexu­al­ity and you’ll see it right at the top under “New and Note­wor­thy”. You can also find it here: Dirty Talk sex advice podcast.