Ronnie Landis Health And Peak Sexual Performance Part 2


Ronnie Landis is back this week for part 2! In this episode, Ronnie answers the follow ques­tions in-depth:

1. What speci­fic routi­nes, exer­cises or supple­ments, help put some­body into peak sexual perfor­mance? What prac­tices do you put into place?

2. What nutri­ents play a part in semen/vaginal lubri­ca­tion, how to supple­ment to replen­ish?

3. What is your take on peak perfor­mance on an ener­getic level?

4. How do hormones play a part in improv­ing arousal and libido, specif­i­cally, ways to increase free testos­terone natu­rally?

5. Can you talk about the “3 trea­sures” in respect to sexual longevity and perfor­mance?

6. What are the common mistakes people make when it comes to sexual viril­ity and nutri­tion?

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Ronnie Landis Health And Peak Sexual Performance Part 1


This week we have Ronnie Landis on the show, for part one of a two-part series on peak sexual perfor­mance. We’ll be talk­ing about hormones, sex, super herbs, libido supple­ments, and a whole lot of amaz­ing stuff you’ve likely never heard anywhere else.

Ronnie Landis is one of the lead­ing author­i­ties of the new gener­a­tion on raw living foods and super foods, tonic herbal­ism, blender alchemy, peak perfor­mance strate­gies, and func­tional nutri­tion. He is an author, profes­sional speaker, and life style design special­ist who conducts live presen­ta­tions, work­shops, raw choco­late parties, private consul­ta­tions, and retreats regu­larly. He is the author of the upcom­ing 2014 released books The Hidden Messages in Choco­late and Eating for Sex. In 2010 he released his first published work Acti­vat­ing the Super Human, a 100 page manual for enhanc­ing life prin­ci­ples as well as his 2012 released work The Live-it Lifestyle: Drop­ping Diets Forever. Both books have been refined, compiled, and expanded upon in Janu­ary 2014 released The Life Food Peak Perfor­mance System.